8 Unique Whiteboards to Boost Creativity and Productivity

I have a confession. Over my 25 years of teaching I’ve developed focusing problems (“Squirrel!). I find myself reading the first few lines of an article, jumping to the end, and then going back to the middle if I’m still interested. I am a victim of information overload, a product of our increasingly technologically dependent society.

I’ve tried everything to keep myself organized and focused, from apps to web tools, I always find myself becoming even more unfocused throughout the school day. One day in the library a student saw all of the sticky notes that I had posted around the circulation desk to remind me of my daily tasks. He went over to the shelf where I stored personal dry erase boards for my students and handed one to me. Yes, this is what I needed. I needed something that was in my face, gave me the physical satisfaction of crossing a task off of my to-do list, and could be modified when needed.

Here are 8 unique whiteboards to boost YOUR creativity and productivity:

Mc Squares Stickies are repositionable and stick on anything.

Carry your notes with you in a Nu Board dry erase notepad.

Keep your hands free while teaching or making by wearing this dry erase board on your wrist.

Use the Noteboard in meetings and workshops, and then fold it up to put into your backpack for travel.

This 3 sided dry erase board by OnTask stores your markers while also providing for lots of space to write your lists.

I was able to order 10 of these standards through the Scholastic Bonus Rewards catalog. They are wonderful for group discussions and maker stations.

Many of us get our best ideas when we are relaxed and alone. Now I can write my thoughts in the shower!

Make those boring professional development workshops and faculty meetings interactive with foldable dry erase tables.