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This 91-year-old professor went viral because of this picture, as he embraced virtual teaching so his students wouldn’t miss a beat. 🥺

Many of the ... commenters on the post were former students of Professor Krohn's -- dating back to the 1960s!

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Technology advances faster than you may think! These 2 events are just 66 years apart 😳

Last night, @SpaceX launched the first all-civilian crew into space! The crew includes includes Jared Isaacman, cancer survivor Hayley Arceneaux who is raising ... money for St. Jude, the first Black woman to pilot a spacecraft Dr. Sian Proctor, and Air Force veteran Chris Sembroski.


We are so excited to have Don Calame (@doncalame) as a guest author on our MackinCommunity site!

"You’re writing fiction, after all. What matters is that it ... feels real and true to you as the writer, so you can make it feel real and true to the reader." 📖

"Historical fiction helps to develop awareness of a major event and the impact it has on our modern lives. It can also give readers insight into a member of ... past society and produce empathy and connection to the lives of others." - @jerdinenolen1

"Social problems need social solutions. To reduce the impact of bias, we need changes on the structural level (laws, policies, practices), not simply on the ... individual level." But what does this mean? @MackinLearning takes a deep dive ⬇️