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When a #digital library is shared, it expands the bounds of what a single school can purchase, giving all participating schools easy access to the purchased ... content.

#MackinVIA #SharingIsCaring #DigitalLearning

#SummerReading is so important! Did you know that 1 month of overall learning is lost after summer vacation? That's a lot of reteaching to do come ... #BackToSchool!

See how our Summer & Take-Home Reading program can help:

Why are students reading less? Of the many different reasons, some students need help finding books pertinent to them, others just need books.

Access matters:... via @Scholastic


2020 marks 50 years of #Pride marches and gatherings across the country and world! For #PrideMonth we're celebrating these 50 years with 50 LGBTQIA+ book ... recommendations to help your students learn more about Pride & the stories of the #LGBTQIA+ community


.@Makerspaces_com put together a post that features 25 projects that you can do at home! "These projects aren't complicated or expensive and can be created ... using everyday items around the house." #makered

What did the zero say to the eight? Nice belt! Give your little #mathematician something to giggle about with these funny math jokes and puns for kids.

Here ... are "21 Math Jokes for Kids Guaranteed to Get a Laugh"


Congratulations to @That_BookLife for winning our June #MackinSummerCamp swag bag of goodies giveaway! ๐Ÿ“š

Don't miss your chance to win our next ... #MackinSummerCamp giveaway for July, stay tuned for those announcements! ๐ŸŽ‰

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Global #Pride celebrations are taking place virtually on 6/27/20. A great way to learn more about Pride and LGBTQIA+ community is by reading #books. Check out ... this #blogarticle by my @mackinclassroom colleague highlighting 50 titles by LGBTQIA+ authors.