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Announcing the all-new, redesigned Discover why thousands of schools, worldwide, trust in Mackin to deliver the highest ... quality educational materials to help students and educators meet their needs.

Preparing instructions, graphic organizers, reflections in @MackinVIA for a research group for next week AND prepping 2 other groups. That’s a lot of Mackin ... for a Friday but ❤️ how easy this tool is for students & teachers #cisdlib @cisdlib @CoppellHigh #CHSLearnLoveServe

Digital badges are digital credentials that are ubiquitously recognized to represent the mastery of specific competencies, skills, programs, etc. Learn how to ... use digital badges to reward and engage students! ⬇️ @techlearning #edtech #edtechchat


Join us for an inspiring conversation between authors @kellyyanghk and @KatZhang, with editors @deebazargarpur and @kav_tepedino, as they discuss the importance... of filling classrooms & libraries with diverse Asian American voices, experiences, & histories:


Pewter is a malleable metal alloy, traditionally 85 -95% Tin, with the rest consisting of Copper, Antimony, Bismuth, & sometimes Lead. Pewters containing ... lead are no longer used in items that make contact with the human body (cups, plates, or jewelry) due to the toxicity of lead.

Want to spend more time exercising creativity and practicing real-world problem solving, and still explore the concepts in standards, through making? Check out ... some practical ideas below ⬇️ #STEM #STEAM #MakerEd 🤖


Life and leadership: Turning lemons into lemonade | @SmartBrief @SBEducation @FredEnde #classroom

The 2022 slogan is, "How Do You Book?" The theme asks participants to think about what they read, where they read, and how they read. #ChildrensBookWeek

So... ... how do YOU book? 📖