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How do you use #MackinVIA in your classroom? What are three "must-have" #eBooks for every MackinVIA? Questions like these and more answered on Mackin Community ... - a place for education, discovery, learning, and camaraderie!

Find "A Place to Land," "Martin Rising," "Be a King," "Dear Martin," and more for #MackinVIA:

1 in 3 Americans now read #eBooks, according to @pewresearch. That's up 25% from the year before! A round of applause for everyone who helped raise that number ... 👏👏👏



What's happening in #Education today? What's happening in politics, as it relates to schools reopening? Read about President #Biden’s Big Bid to Reopen ... Schools, how the virus is impacting reopening schools, stimulus plans for schools and more ⬇️ #TLchat

This 91-year-old professor went viral because of this picture, as he embraced virtual teaching so his students wouldn’t miss a beat. 🥺

Many of the ... commenters on the post were former students of Professor Krohn's -- dating back to the 1960s!

Explore the Blastoff! Universe with these 3 imprints to build fluency, comprehension, and future academic success! Order these @BellwetherFlock titles today: ...


Makedo is a simple to use, open-ended system of tools for creative cardboard construction. Build imaginative and useful creations from upcycled everyday ... cardboard. #Makerspace #STEM #STEAM

Get started with @Makedo:


Trust in @ABDOpublishing to bring your students unique and refreshing stories from an amazing selection of titles.


What can an effective leveled #library do for you?

✔️ Appeal to your unique population
✔️ Target your #literacy goals
✔️ Align to your content ... needs
✔️ Utilize your #assessment data
✔️ Include a variety of text types/formats

Get started today:


Assessing My First Semester of "Ungrading" (Opinion), @EdSurge

"Inspired by Susan D. Blum’s book 'Ungrading,' I went fully gradeless in my upper-level ... Euclidean Geometry class. I gave only feedback on #student work, with no grades on any assignment."