We Love Teachers! Teacher Appreciation Week May 8-12, 2023

Teacher Appreciation Week is almost here! This year we celebrate teachers the week of May 8-12, 2023, and  it is a great time to acknowledge teachers and say thank you for all their hard work and dedication throughout the school year. As a former educator, I appreciated when parents and students expressed their gratitude. Today, I am happy to show appreciation for the teachers in my child’s life, and I try to find different ways to support and recognize the incredible things that they do. The National Education Association also recognizes teachers by listening to their wants and needs: “This Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re joining together to tell teachers that we will listen to them, we will stand with them, and together we will take action so that every student has a teacher who feels respected and supported.” The NEA can also help share your message of appreciation through social media and personalized messages.

Any gesture of gratitude, whether monetary or non-monetary, can go a long way. Below are some ideas teachers truly love.

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

Gift Cards

You cannot go wrong with gift cards! Maybe it is for coffee, a bookshop, a restaurant, or a local store. The possibilities are endless and they can be a quick but helpful gift for teachers.


Students read every day at school and keeping the classroom library stocked with new books is a great gift! Aim for books published within the last 5 years to keep the classroom collections up to date.


Toward the end of the school year, classroom supplies run short. White board markers are dried up, pencils are hard to come by, and they are usually down to the last few boxes of tissues and disinfecting wipes (a lot of wipes are used at the end of the year when students clean out their desks!). Check that beginning-of-the-year school supply list and find some items to restock the classroom.

Amazon Teacher Wish List

It is likely that your teacher may have an Amazon wish list for their classroom. This would be a great place to look for things to gift your teacher and the classroom.


Your time is also a great thing to gift if you are able. Teachers appreciate volunteers, especially during field trips and class parties.


Handmade or purchased, a note of appreciation will mean the world to a teacher.