New Prequels, Sequels, and Spinoffs to the Movies That Were Released in 2020

by Katy Tessman, New School Services Project Manager & Makerspace Specialist

Most movies for youth are adaptations of children’s books and young adult novels. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several new films skipped the silver screen and debuted on subscription-based streaming services. The following are four movie adaptations of children’s literature that have newly published prequels, sequels, and spinoffs. Students who loved the book better than the movie, or because of the movie-generated enthusiasm, may be interested in these new titles which are available in print and digital formats.

The 2007 Enola Holmes Mystery: Case of the Missing Marquess was adapted into a movie, yet the 6-book fiction series by Nancy Springer has more stories where Miss Holmes uses her powers of observation and deduction to solve mysteries in nineteenth-century London. Sherlock Holmes’s strong-willed and equally brilliant younger sister takes center stage in this new 3-book graphic novel adaptation of Nancy Springer’s bestselling mystery series by cartoonist Serena Blasco. This delightfully drawn graphic novel adaptation also includes a portfolio of pages from Enola’s secret notebook. (Interest Level: 5-8, IDW/Idea & Design Works, 2018-2020)

The Case Of The Missing Marquess (Enola Holmes: 1) The Case Of The Left-Handed Lady (Enola Holmes: 2) The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets (Enola Holmes: 3)

Ivan (the silverback gorilla), Ruby (the baby elephant), and Bob (the stray mutt) have touched the hearts of millions of readers in The One and Only Ivan, but their story isn’t over yet. Katherine Applegate’s The One and Only Bob is the sequel starring Ivan’s friend Bob, the stray mutt! Bob sets out on a dangerous journey in search of his long-lost sister with the help of his two best friends. Bob finds courage he never knew he had and learns the true meaning of friendship and family. (Interest Level: 3-6, HarperCollins Publishers, 2020)

The Disney movie Mulan is based on the book Ballad of Mulan which is a retelling of a Chinese poem. This story of a brave young girl masquerading as a boy to fight the Tartars in the Khan’s army won the hearts of young and old. New York Times best-selling author Grace Lin’s Mulan: Before the Sword is a novel set before the Walt Disney Studios film. Filled with adventure and wonder, this prequel explores and develops the world and characters in the film. (Interest Level: 4-6, Disney Press, 2020)

Eoin Colfer’s fantasy Artemis Fowl 8-book series has received positive reviews and generated a large Fowl-Fandom. A film adaptation based on the first novel has been made into a movie. Graphic novel adaptations of the first two books in the fiction series have been published and enjoy equally loyal readership. The new Artemis Fowl: The Fowl Twins is a new spinoff series that follows 11-year-old Fowl twins Myles and Beckett on their action-packed adventures. (Interest Level: 6-9, Disney-Hyperion, 2020)

Fowl Twins (Artemis Fowl: The Fowl Twins: 1) Fowl Twins: Deny All Charges (Artemis Fowl: The Fowl Twins: 2)


Varian Johnson