The Importance of Reading During Distance Learning

Social distancing, distance learning, working from home. These are new vocabulary terms for all members of the family. During this time, reading is more important than ever to help us cope, heal, connect, and learn. Below are four tips to keeping reading a focal point during distance learning and working remotely.

1. Reading as a Mindful Practice and For Mental Health

We are all in a very stressful and uncertain time. Having to manage everyone being at home all the time, the loss of jobs, worrying about loved ones and ourselves, loneliness, and not knowing how long this situation will last can leave us all with a sense of dread and feelings of depression. Setting aside time each day away from social media and news to spend time reading aloud or quietly can be a perfect way to practice mindfulness. Taking care of our mental health is more important than ever right now. Reading for pleasure can help spark joy in these days and can help to reduce stress. Prioritize time for all members in the family to be mindful and take care of your mental health.

2. Reading Helps Us Feel Connected

Read aloud to your children and have your children read to you. Don’t be afraid to have teenagers read aloud to you as well. Reading aloud is another way to connect with your loved ones both in the home and far away. You can FaceTime with friends and family members and read to those who we are not able to see right now.

3. Reading Helps Us Cope With the Current Situation

Reading can provide a much-needed break from the real world. The current situation revolving around COVID-19 is difficult to wrap your mind around for adults, let alone children and teens. Reading allows you to dive into other worlds, whether real or imaginary. Reading can help stoke the imagination and keep hope alive.

4. Reading Sparks Creativity and Fosters Learning

Now is a great time to learn and create, and learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom. Read fiction, nonfiction, cookbooks, manuals, step-by-step drawing books—read it all. Read to learn, explore, understand, and be challenged. Now is a great time to learn how to do those things that you promised you’d do when you had the time. Students can also read books that cover topics that are being taught during distance learning to expand on the information in the lessons.

Read, be well, and know that Mackin is here to support you.