Hooked on Space

Some people who are interested in astronomical events will stay up late at night, maybe huddling in winter jackets, just to watch a meteor shower or a lunar eclipse. Eclipse chasers, on the other hand, often travel the world and spend oodles of money just to experience the few moments of a total eclipse first-hand.

Most of the books focus on the solar system, but there are some that go beyond and into deeper space.

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Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors  Exploring Comets and Asteroids  Planets  Stargazing  Stars and Galaxies

Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors (Fast Track : Our Solar System) by Mary-Jane Wilkins. 9781781213681. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Other titles in the series include Earth, Inner Planets, The Moon, Outer Planets, and The Sun.

Exploring Comets and Asteroids (Journey Through Our Solar System) by David Anthony. 9781534522756. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Other titles in the series include one book for each planet, as well as The Sun, and The Moon.

Planets (Explore My World) by Becky Baines. 9781426323232. 2016. Gr PK-2.

Stargazing (Out of This World) by Alex Kuskowski. 9781624037467. 2016. Gr 1-3.
Other titles in this series include Astronauts, Moons. Planets, Space Travel, and The Universe.

Stars and Galaxies (Dorling Kindersley Readers) by James Buckley, Jr. 9781465458650. 2017. Gr K-2.



Cosmic Catastrophes  Exploring Beyond Our Solar System  Planets  Space  Star Light, Star Bright

Cosmic Catastrophes : Seven Ways to Destroy a Planet Like Earth (Smithsonian) by David Aguilar. 9780451476845. 2016. Gr 4-6.

Exploring Beyond Our Solar System (Wonders of Space) by Patricia Hutchinson. 9781634074759. 2016. Gr 3-6.
Other titles in the series include The First Moon Landing, The International Space System, The Mars Rovers, Space Missions of the 21st Century, and The Voyager Space Probes.

Planets (Exploring Our Universe) by Lauren Kukla. 9781680784060. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Other titles in this series include Galaxies, The Moon, Space Exploration, Stars, The Amazing Universe, The Sun, and Asteroids, Comets, and Meteoroids.

Space (Know It All!) by Moira Butterfield. 9781502608840. 2016. Gr 3-5.

Star Light, Star Bright : Exploring Our Solar System by Anna Prokos. 9781634401524. 2017. Gr 2-4.



Astronomy  Destination Space  Night Sky  Sailing the Solar System  Seven Wonders of the Solar System

Astronomy (Cutting-Edge Science and Technology) by Liz Kruesi. 9781624039133. 2016. Gr 6-9.

Destination : Space by Christoph Englert & Tom Clohosy Cole. 9781847808400. 2016. Gr 4-7.

Night Sky : Find Adventure! Go Outside! Have Fun! Be a Backyard Stargazer! (Ultimate Explorer Field Guide) by Howard Schneider. 9781426325472. 2016. Gr 4-8.

Sailing the Solar System : The Next 100 Years of Space Exploration by Nel Yomtov & Giovanni Pota. 9781491482650. 2017. Gr 4-7. (graphic novel)

Seven Wonders of the Solar System by David Aguilar. 9780451476852. December 2017. Gr 4-8.



Experiments for Future Astronomers  Exploring the Mysteries of Astronomy  Universe to Scale  Vacation Guide to the Solar System

Experiments for Future Astronomers (Experiments for Future STEM Professionals) by Robert Gardner. 9780766082007. 2017. Gr 2012.

Exploring the Mysteries of Astronomy (STEM Guide to the Universe) by Patrick Moore. 9781499464115. 2017. Gr 7-12.
Series also includes Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe.

The Universe to Scale : Similarities and Differences in Objects in Our Solar System (Space Systems) by Fiona Young-Brown. 9781502622891. 2017. Gr 8-12.
Other titles in this series include The Big Bang Theory and Light Spectra; The Composition of the Universe; Gravity, Orbiting Objects, and Planetary Motion; and Telescopes, Probes, Spacecraft, and The Future of Space Exploration.

Vacation Guide to the Solar System by Olivia Koski & Jana Grcevich. 9780143129776. 2017. Gr 9-Adult.



How to Make a Spaceship  Packing for Mars  Space Traveler's Guide to the Solar System  Spaceman  What's It Like in Space

How to Make a Spaceship : A Band of Renegades, an Epic Race, and the Birth of Private Spaceflight by Julian Guthrie. 9781594206726. 2016. Gr 10-Adult.

Packing for Mars : The Curious Science of Life in the Void by Mary Roach. 9780393068474. 2010. Gr 10-Adult.

A Space Traveler’s Guide to the Solar System by Mark Thompson. 9781681772394. 2016. Gr 11-Adult.

Spaceman : An Astronaut’s Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe by Mike Massimino. 9781101903544. 2016. Gr 11-Adult.

What’s It Like in Space? : Stories from Astronauts Who’ve Been There by Ariel Waldman. 9781452144764. 2016. Gr 8-Adult.